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Turf Maintenance - Lawnco of Louisville - Louisville, KY


Evaluation / Renovation

Lawnco begins every turf assessment with a thorough examination of your lawn. We then develop a program specific to your lawn’s needs. We offer different levels of lawn renovation and will tailor a plan to meet your goals for your lawn.

    Deep root stump removal
     Topsoil & grading
     Eradication of turf
     Power seeding
     Time-released fertilizer application


Lawnco will provide an outline for watering which can be achieved using traditional sprinklers or programmed into an irrigation system. Aside from providing written mowing guidelines, a Lawnco team member will also check the progress of the new turf to determine proper health.


Turf Renovation - Lawnco of Louisville - Louisville, KY


Mosquito Control

This is a monthly application starting in late spring running through early fall. This application helps prevent and control mosquito activity on your property. This application also helps control flea and tick activity as well.

Deer Control Options:

Deer Deterrent – this application is to prevent deer from eating seasonal flowers and valuable landscape plants that deer are prone to eat. Deer foraging on landscape plants over time will cause high levels of stress that can lead to the demise of the plant. This application is applied monthly.

Frequently Asked Question?

Is overseeding or power seeding better?

      Overseeding is better for filling in thin or bare areas in an existing lawn.
      Power seeding is better for large, bare areas where existing grass will not be disturbed.

Our turf experts can review your lawn and recommend the best method.


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