We have maintenance plans for your irrigation system.

Turf Maintenance - Lawnco of Louisville - Louisville, KY


Lawnco’s certified irrigation specialists can craft a maintenance plan for your irrigation system. Their plan will ensure that your lawn and your landscape will receive the moisture it needs.

Lawnco's routinely scheduled maintenance includes::

      Spring turn on and Backflow Test performed by a certified Backflow Tester
    Lawnco sends Backflow test results to the Louisville Water Co. on their required form.
    Mid-season spray pattern review and adjustment
    Water conservation checks
    Winter turn off and drainage of system

A Certified Backflow Tester will also do an annual check for proper backflow prevention. And just like the system, it is all done automatically for our current irrigation customers.

Turf Maintenance - Lawnco of Louisville - Louisville, KY

Frequently Asked Question?

Why is it important to check your irrigation system?

If you have a lawn sprinkler and irrigation system on your property, it's important to conduct regular inspections at least once a year. Discovering issues with your system early on will reduce water waste, saving you money while helping to ensure your home or business is surrounded by a lush, healthy landscape.


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