Commercial & Residential Landscaping


Commercial & Residential Landscaping Louisville - Lawnco

Lawnco has the expertise and manpower to transform your landscaping into a beautiful oasis that will enhance your home.

 The Lawnco Advantage :

        Design - Our landscape architect anticipates combined growth, color, form and seasonal conditions
        Installation - land contouring & bed formation; soil preparation and careful attention to plant selection and placement
- Providing Maintenance Programs to enhance and maintain your landscaping

Mosquito Control:

This is a monthly application starting in late spring running through early fall. This application helps prevent and control mosquito activity on your property. This application also helps control flea and tick activity as well.

Deer Control Options:

Deer Deterrent – this application is to prevent deer from eating seasonal flowers and valuable landscape plants that deer are prone to eat. Deer foraging on landscape plants over time will cause high levels of stress that can lead to the demise of the plant. This application is applied monthly.

Frequently Asked Question?

What is a good landscaping schedule for the year?

Lawnco follows this schedule:

        February - Clean up spent plants from winter and address major structural trimming or plants reductions
        March - Edge landscape beds, install mulch and trim the landscaping
        May - Install spring annuals
        July - Review landscaping for fall changes
        October - Clean up spent spring annuals and plant fall annuals, trim plants that have finished blooming in preparation for spring

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