We can maintain, fertilize or remove your tree.

Turf Maintenance - Lawnco of Louisville - Louisville, KY

The Lawnco Advantage

Choose a company who has the credentials to do it all. Samantha Sauter is Lawnco's ISA Certified Arborist and a Graduate of Western Kentucky University with a degree in turf grass management. We have qualified team members who can help you with your tree and plant care needs. Give us a call today.

The Lawnco Advantage :

      Applications - We can provide seasonally timed deep root fertilization to stimulate root growth.
    Maintenance- Structural pruning techniques reduce the stress brought on by weak or dead limbs.
    Tree and Stump Removal - Professional removal services for trees of any size, including stump and deep root removal.


Turf Maintenance - Lawnco of Louisville - Louisville, KY

Deer Control Options:

Deer Tree Staking – protective barriers are placed either directly on the trunk of the tree or around the tree in the drip line zone. Tree staking is to prevent deer from raking their antlers on the trunks of smaller caliper trees or multi-trunked trees in the landscape. When deer drag their antlers over the tree trunk, they remove sections of bark and destroy the underlying vascular system of the tree. These open wounds allow diseases and insects to enter the plant and cause further damage and decline. The protection is installed in early fall and removed in the spring.

Frequently Asked Question?

When is the best time to prune a tree?

During dormancy is the best time to do major pruning or canopy reduction / structuring. Removal of dead or dying branches should be done once the tree has leafed out.


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