As the seasons change, so does your landscape. Lawnco has dedicated personnel who will nurture and guide your plants and gardens.

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Frequently Asked Question?

What is the best time to plant?

Anytime so long as the ground is not frozen. Planting in extreme heat should be avoided.

How often should I water newly planted plants and trees?

3 to 4 times per week for the first 4 to 5 weeks following installation. Thereafter, as needed to maintain moisture in the soil.

Do trees and plants that are planted in the fall need to be watered since the weather may be cooler?

Newly installed trees and plants need to be kept moist up to freezing weather in order to establish a healthy root system.


The Lawnco Advantage :

      Applications - Lawnco has scheduled applications of fertilizers, fungicides and insecticides that will promote growth and inhibit disease and insect infestation.
    Maintenance-Trimming, pruning, mulching and shaping each have an optimum window of opportunity which will foster new growth, increase blooms or deter spreading.

Mosquito Control:

This is a monthly application starting in late spring running through early fall. This application helps prevent and control mosquito activity on your property. This application also helps control flea and tick activity as well.

Deer Control Options:

Deer Deterrent – this application is to prevent deer from eating seasonal flowers and valuable landscape plants that deer are prone to eat. Deer foraging on landscape plants over time will cause high levels of stress that can lead to the demise of the plant. This application is applied monthly.


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