Consulting Services


Need help with your lawn and landscape? Not sure where to start? It would be helpful to consult with someone you can trust. Our experts can help you design a plan to make your lawn and landscape look beautiful and healthy.

Lawnco can offer you consulting services to achieve your goals. Take a look below and see what we have to offer. Reliable, experienced and dependable service is what you can expect from us. Give us a call today.

Frequently Asked Question?

Why should I pay for a consultant when I’m going to do the work myself?

Even if you’re doing the work yourself, it is beneficial to know exactly what you need to do. Instead of spending hours researching on your own, have one of our professionals customize a plan that is specific to your wants and needs.

To learn more about Lawnco and our services, call us at (502) 423-9297 or click here to request information and we'll get back to you.